Main Achievements

The principal results of experimental works carried out at the reactor of PNPI are known worldwide. The discovery and study of the parity non-conservation in nuclear gamma transitions were the first experimental evidence for the universality of the weak interaction. There are the most precision for nowadays measurement of the neutron lifetime, the discovery of new kinds of correlation in ternary fission, the measurements of the neutron dipole moment, and the study of the asymmetry of its beta-decay. The strong electric fields, acting on a neutron moving in a noncentrosymmetric crystal have been discovered and investigated recently with some other new diffraction and neutron optics phenomena. Our institute has leading positions in the world in creation of cold and ultracold neutron sources.

In solid state physics, the method of three dimension analysis of neutron polarization was proposed and created as well as the original method of monochromatization of polarized neutrons, which are used in neutron scattering techniques. The important results were received in the investigations of the HTSC, nanostructures, hydrogen fuel elements, and magnetic structures on the atomic level. The spin dynamics of phase transitions was studied using of polarized neutrons, the critical scattering from the three-spin correlations and the inelastic scattering asymmetry with the magnetic field present were revealed experimentally. The existence of a new chiral class of universality for magnetic phase transitions was proved using elastic and inelastic scattering of polarized neutrons.

The technique of crystal-diffraction spectroscopy of high resolution, with the help of which the first-class results were received in nuclear spectroscopy and solid state physics, made it possible to carry out successfully the study of particle channeling effect, to use it in the accelerator technology and high energy physics, as well as to use the neutron diffraction for measuring the fundamental neutron characteristics.

The determination of the details of the protein biosynthesis mechanism, the elaboration of the diagnostic methods of human hereditary diseases, the creation of biological test-systems for ecological monitoring are the results of biologically active macromolecules and cell structures research in PNPI.

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