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27 мая в 16:00 на кафедре Ядерно-Физических Методов Исследования Физического Факультета СПбГУ посредством видеоконференции состоится доклад сотрудника Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, ответственного за установку BioSAXS Petra III, Василя Михайловича Харамуса: Structure of nanovehicles for drug delivery by SAXS and SANS

Self-organization and recognition processes in bio soft matter are responsible for unique characteristics of new nano materials which consist of surfactants, polymers, proteins and nanoparticles (NPs) and are in wide application from medicine via day care products to soft electronic. Advance drug delivery NPs based on nonlamellar structures (cubosomes and hexasomes) give possibility to incorporate higher amount of amphiphilic drugs and perform simultaneously imaging of drug location. The morphology of the different components (matrix, drug and imaging agents, stealth corona and functionalized groups) of NPs and their transformations are followed by modern synchrotron and neutron small angle scattering techniques with high speed and precision on large number of samples of small amount. The structure on final stage of NPs and intermediates during the formation is possible to determine which enlarges the potential application of NPs.

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