Academic Secretary of Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B.P. Konstantinov of National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute».

Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics.

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Education, Academic Degrees and Titles
  • 2001 Graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Sterlitamak State Pedagogical Institute (currently Sterlitamak Branch of Bashkir State University).

Professional activities

Sergey I. Vorobyov is the head of the Meson Physics of Condensed Matter Laboratory, High Energy Physics Division. He manages the research carried out on the µSR-installation on the muon channel of the PNPI synchrocyclotron, which is the only µSR-installation in operation in Russia.

Academic interests and main achievement

His academic areas of interest lay in making use of the µSR–method for the condensed matter research and cover the following fields: magnetic phase transition in the samples of the copper-manganese alloys Cu1-xMnx, (Pd0,984Fe0,016)0,95Mn0,05; rare earth manganates RMnO3 and RMn2O5; research on ferromagnetic fluids, chromium and electrical steels, and other materials.

фгбу пияф им. Б. П. Константинова Национальный исследовательский центр Курчатовский институт